Cede Green Houses

Greenhouse manufacturing

CEDE Greenhouses carries a range of greenhouses to suit every clients’ needs. We also build and design Net houses (Shade Cloth) for nurseries, home garden user's or big farms as well as high tech Multi-Wall laboratories. Our greenhouse structures range from 3m x 2m (smallest) up to one or even two hectares in surface area, depending on the client's requests.

We also specialize in Computerized Irrigation & Fertigation systems and can equip you with the latest Hydroponics programs to manage your greenhouse to its fullest growth production potential. CEDE can also supply you with pack and tool sheds (For agricultural equipment). CEDE Greenhouses supplies FREE ADVICE and FREE QUATATIONS to ALL clients.

CEDE Greenhouses is a quality and service driven company with good service and quality built greenhouse structures as its main focus. We make sure our clients are satisfied with what they receive. We are a South African Based Company situated in Paarl, Western Cape.