Cede community

Here you will notice how the Greenhouse structure is build, from the framework and gutters to the plastic and roll-up curtain.

Building our dream

Through 33 years of building greenhouse structures and experimenting with new ideas to empower people in becoming a sucsessfull farmer to run a sustainable business and grow a sustainable crop in providing food for the community or selling the goods for financial empowerment, CEDE Greenhouses developed a full A - Z package that will empower the farmer of today to go the extra mile. Here are some photo's on how the story began, from post production to comlete system

Prepare to build a greenhouse Framework for a greenhouse Completed Greenhouse

planting for greenhouse New greenhouse Greenhouse community projects

Building of the tunnel

We developed an easy system for all farmers to set up the complete structure with a few workers in an 8 - step plan broshure wich you can download at the bottom of this page. Parts are all numbered making it easy for the farmer to erect the tunnel

Building for the community Preparing the greenhouse structure Greenhouse framework

Greenhouse plastic Greenhouse plastic Greenhouse covered with plastic

Completed greenhouse in the field-NO electricity needed

No Package would be complete without testing its durability. We made some improvements and developed a DIE-HARD tunnel that stands strong in Southern Africa's Weather condition's. Two options are available - NET or POLYETHYLENE. Combined with a gravity-fed irrigation system, farmers can farm anywhere without electricity

greenhouse plants plants in greenhouse Completed greenhouse

greenhouse irrigation Natural pressure tanks Greenhouse crops

Growing crop

This presentation is from West Coast Development Centre Training of personnel and greenhouse management is a free service and included after the greenhouse is erected. The Recent Crop figures were 41 cucumbers/plant average (normally 25 average/plant)

Greenhouse seedlings growing Irrigation in greenhouse

1 week old cuvumber 3 Week old cucumber plants Ready for harvesting