Cede Greenhouses

The layout of Cede greenhouses is as follows:

  • Each tunnel is 34 meter long (30m Vertical length) +2m on each side for roll-up curtains and walking space
  • The width for a 2 Bay is 16m, a 4 Bay is 28m, an 8 Bay is 52m and a 16 Bay is 100m depending on the type of greenhouse.
  • The plants are better aerated so air flow in the tunnel is optimum.
  • The side support (Walking Space) double strengthens the greenhouses.
  • A galvanized gutter, in the centre of the multi -span between the two gables, secures the plastic of the roof.
  • The whole structure and every steel pipe which supports this greenhouse on the ground are fixed to a galvanised steel pipe molded in a pre-fabricated concrete block.
  • Each block is buried 500mm deep into the ground, and the structure is then fixed to it. There are side + front poles molded in a 15l concrete block, each with a 600mm (32mm) galvanised steel pipe, buried +- 400-500mm deep into the ground.
  • Each tunnel has an access door next to the roll-up curtain at the front: size 1m wide x 2m high.
  • The gable height of the tunnel is 4.5m / 5.7m and the crop support cable as well as the galvanised oval steel wire is set on 3m/4m high under the gutter
  • A roll-up curtain is fitted to each end of the tunnel with an 8% white net above it. In South Africa we install a 20% white net (knitted together in one piece) over the UVA diffused plastic, to provide wind and sun protection.

The lifespan of the plastic has now increased from +- 2-3 years to +- 5-6 years.

The greenhouse will manage a more constant temperature.